AOL X-Filesaholics FAQ

This is the X-Filesaholics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions for the uninitiated) for new and potential members. This will help you understand who we are and what we do. This is by no means a definitive thing, as this board is very changeable, but it will give you some idea of what we are about.


Who are the X-Filesaholics?


Basically, we're a group of Philes who have claimed this board* (better known as Mulder's Apartment) as our own to talk about X-Files stuff, make up 101 lists, hang out, and act insane.


* 'this board' is located in the AOL X Files Forum message boards under "Forum Member Groups" and then under "X-Filesaholics" and is only available to AOL members.


Who are the members?


There are too many to list and keep current, but many are listed as the authors for the 101 lists Also the "Mom" of the Holics is SunKist792, she keeps us in line and will send us to Mulder's bedroom if we're bad. Alas, Mom has had other commitments to attend to, so we just govern ourselves now. Anarchy has seemed to work very well for us. :-) (If you'd like to see the member list, it can be found here.)


What's up with the titles?


Ahhh. The titles are the little things we have in our sigs like "Official Occupant of Couch Cushion #__" and "Owner of fish Whatever". The couch cushion is given by default to all new members. SunK aka Mom has a virtual fishtank on her computer where the fish are kept, unfortunately the tank is full and no more fish can be added, but you're more than welcome to name a fish and call it your own, even if its not in the virtual fishtank. As for the celebs and characters we "own", (Like Mulder, Scully, DD, and GA) sorry. Most of them are taken, but we have a cloning machine! Most owners have given permission to clone, but some have set limits, so please ask first. There are also many characters that have not been taken; post and see if anybody has them first. Also, the talent (i.e. the writers, CC) is not up for grabs; the actors weren't supposed to be either, but since we have so many clones and originals running around, we decided to let them stay. And I think Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz are still running around someplace...where are they anyways?


All the other titles are things we make up. If you make up a title that no one else has, go ahead and put it in your signature or type it out!


What are these 101 lists?


Ahh. THESE are what the rest of the XF forum knows us for. :o) They're these big huge lists that we make up and are managed by List Mistress Trotski318, who updates and posts them all up for us. Anyone can contribute to them. At any one time there will be 4 lists up and suggestions for list ideas can be sent to Trot by e-mail.


Sounds cool. How do I join?


(note: you must be on AOL to get to the X-Filesaholics section of the AOL message board)


Just make a new thread by clicking on "create subject" when you first get to the board and typing in "new member" or "hello" or something of that nature. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll welcome you with open arms and a lot of insanity! If you have any ideas for titles off the bat ask and we will try to tell you if anyone has claimed that particular title. Any other questions are welcome, all you need to do is ask!


OK, I've joined. Where's my couch cushion?


If you keep posting about it and making a big fuss, you just might not get one. Sorry. Some newbies tend to do that. ::glares:: Anyways, please be patient. You'll get one eventually.


Terms You May Need to Know:


We use abbreviations and weird words sometimes...if you don't know what something means please ask! We don't bite...much. :o)


DMB--Dave Matthews Band (I talk about them quite a bit. :-)

Gwet-- The opposite of weeb, whatever that may be. Symbol: §

H:LOTS--Homicide: Life on the Street

SM--Sailor Moon or Sarah McLachlan, usually the first

ST--Star Trek

SW--Star Wars

THH--Tee hee hee

Tyop--typo of typo. Eh...never mind. weeb. Hang around a bit and you'll get the general meaning. Weebit-- ¤ That's a weebit.


General XF Stuff We're Sick of People Asking So We'll Just Tell You:


Téa DID have her baby. On April 24th 1999. It was a girl, Madelaine West.


The Barenaked Ladies ARE big XF fans, and their song "One Week" reflects it. "Dans la maison" means "in the house."


Luke Wilson WAS Sheriff Hartwell in "Bad Blood", and we know he IS in "Home Fries".


What if I have more questions?


Post on the board. We will answer the question to the best of our knowledge.

This FAQ was created by Alice. Thank you Alice. :D

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